If you are an artist, you can send us your artwork and we will promote it for you. For every sale your artwork does, we will provide you a fixed commission. Its as simple as that!!

Here in Pricefrag we value the art and we want it to be showcased to the world.

Joining as an Artist on Pricefrag:

You will have to submit your artwork on [email protected] . We will review it thoroughly and if accepted, your artwork will posted on the website and/or promoted on our promoted on our social media and the same will be notified to you. We wouldn’t accept copied, pornographic or insensitive content.


For every sale of your artwork, Pricefrag will provide you a fixed commission. Commission may vary depending on the product on which the artwork is imprinted. Payment will be made every month end and will follow a monthly cycle. More info with regards to the commision and payment will be provided once the artwork submitted is approved.